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Flowers & Dinner or Pleasure & Intimacy on Valentine’s Day Night 2023

As One Celebrates Black Love.  As One Celebrates Intercultural Love and Inter-racial Love

It’s been a long time.  February 2023, Black History Month & Valentine’s Day, is the best time to check in on you.

If you celebrate Valentine’s Day, did you get flowers and dinner or pleasure and intimacy?  Or did you get it all and are still glowing after the mountaintop experience? 

A stop to Whole Foods to get organic Sesame Oil for my oil lamp and to get some incense to add to the aroma of ylang ylang essential oil was a must to heighten the sensual, energetic space at home.  I am always my first sexy best friend.

The parking lot is full and as soon as you enter the store there are numerous stations where men, in particular, are ordering and purchasing all kinds of beautiful flowers and roses full of vibrant colors.  Done!  And most of them proudly walk back to their cars and head home.

While any effort that our lover extends is to be appreciated, I wonder and hope that you are experiencing the love, pleasure and intimacy that your mind and body desires.

I hope that you are slowing down, aware of each other’s breathing as you gaze into each other’s eyes.  I hope there is trust, respect and understanding.  I hope you’re curious to show up with the earnest desire to have your sexy best friend feel your love with every touch (slow and lingering) and every gaze.  I hope you see each other’s divine nature and ask for what will bring your pleasure.    

If not, I hope this Love Day you recommitted to making your pleasure and intimacy a priority.  Couples who are Sexy Best Friends are having more fun and fulfillment in life.  A healthy sex life increases the bond between two people.  It also relaxes their nervous system.  The board room or operating room is a breeze. You’re on top of the world.

If Valentine’s Day 2023  was another lack luster evening, I would love to help you experience more – love and vitality – in your most important relationship.

Make an Appointment to connect your Mind and Body with Your Pleasure & Intimacy so you can feel As One.