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    Welcome To As One Wellness

    I work with couples and individuals who want more fulfillment in life, particularly from their romantic relationships. Desire and arousal and emotional connection happen on rare occasions, if at all. I am a Black therapist, yoga and meditation instructor. My practice uniquely integrates the beauty of the ancient wisdom tradition of meditation with scientifically validated therapy. Breathe. As One.

    “When a man’s value is no longer measured by what he does, by his finances or social standing, how does he determine his worth? In our new world, a man’s presence – his depth of awareness – is his most valuable asset.” -David Deida


    Do you want to learn how to break hurtful patterns of arguing and disconnection and to become close again even after years of distance? Do you want a path to rediscover and heighten the vibrancy and joy that originally drew you together?

    Are you there for me? Am I lovable? Am I good enough? Will you be there for me when I really need you?

    As One integrates Couples Therapy and Mind-Body Wellness so that you can experience in your body and mind that your partner is there for you.

    About Linda Hobbs

    As One empowers you to progress toward improved health, relationships, and well-being. Through Psychotherapy and Mind-Body Wellness, we assist you in discovering what is keeping you in a state of imbalance. We teach new skills, develop behavioral plans, and introduce specific yogic techniques to bring you back to balance on any given level. This new awareness and practice will keep your life moving towards achieving your highest dreams, deepest connections, and self-realization.

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    We understand the complicated stress of life, especially now. We are available for online sessions starting immediately to help you create balance and serenity in your life. Keep up with us on social media for doses of serenity and balance.