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Couples Who Want Their Sexy Best Friend Back

Disconnected Couples Who Want Their Sexy Best Friend Back

You and your person who you have vowed to love for a lifetime no longer connect physically. On the occasions when you attempt to connect with your lover, the sex is awkward and unsatisfying. You may be in your head about all the ways your body is changing, inside and out, while he may be in his head about the possibility of not being able to hold his erection and please you. You want more than ever to feel desired by him. He wants more than ever to be desired by you, even if he no longer “performs” as he once did. You both want the same thing. You both want your sexy best friend back!


You are both operating from your mind when it comes to sex. This is where I can help you and your beloved. If you have read my previous posts, you know I mention there is a pattern of relating concerning your emotional connection with your intimate partner that many couples share.

One reaches for their partner for connection to feel soothed and calm while the other tries to protect the relationship and turns away for peace and calm. You and your partner may have done the work in treatment with me. If you made that investment into your most important relationship, you now have experienced safe secure connections in session and at home. You know your cycle. You know how to be in the moment and be curious about what is happening. You have built trust and safety in your relationship. You know how to tango. If one of you steps on the other’s toes, you know to apologize and forgive, and get right back into your rhythm.

How do you get out of your head and get into your body when it comes to making love to your life partner?


Healthy sex has to be consentual, respectful and safe. This is only the beginning.

There can be so many possible blocks to the bond of fulfilling sexual connection.

Are you and your partner wired erotically the same? Sex is lifeblood and vitality for some. “Mundane” sex is painful for them. Some see sex as just one way. These differences, or blocks to your sexual connection can be processed in Couples & Meditation Therapy.

Do you love each other, but there is a loss of attraction, on either or both sides? The honeymoon stage is over. This was 6 months – 2 years into your relationship when your body automatically responded to the newness of your lover. Now it takes effort. Consider each other’s pleasure as the measure of sexual fulfillment.

Is it hard to let your person into your erotic/sexual space? Is pornography a problem in your relationship? These are some of the areas that may be part of the blocks to you getting your sexy best friend back.


If any of these or other blocks are happening, I know at times there is a loss of hope and frustration. I know you want your sexy best friend back. I’d love to help you get there. Give me a call at (215) 532-1548 or email me at [email protected] for personalized help.

As One,


Linda Hobbs, MSS, MBA, LCSW, RYT

Founding Director

As One Wellness, PLLC