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Interracial Love - Cultural Differences - Families, As One

Hey Charlotte! Queen City!!!  I see you!!!

You are the melting pot of the South!

Yet, are you dreading the holidays – or even family visits?

Do you feel you have to choose between your spouse or parents and siblings?

Are you always the last to know about plans?  Is there family involved in every major decision or outing?

This is not the life you imagined when you said, “I DO.”

Even though you love each other, neither can understand what the other is feeling at functions when they are the only one – yet again.

Calling lovers of all cultures – Black, White, Jamaican, Haitian, Hispanic, Latino, Asian, Indian, Native American, Congo, Nigerian, Eritrean, Creole, and the list goes on!

You are dreading the holidays, even the birth of newborns, because of the inevitable family fight for power – for love, attention and fear that someone is taking you away or someone is trying to make you feel insignificant – even invisible.

I have been there… It takes your breath away.

Couples that I have helped learn to choose each other and their family.

Interracial lovers understand, value, and celebrate their cultural differences and learn to keep the bedroom hot by guarding what and who is sacred.  They come together and Breathe – As One interaction by interaction.

I can help.

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