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Bliss Boogie

April 5 – 7, 2024

Join me for a guided discussion and practice of connecting your mind and body through breath! This practice can be done alone or with your lover.

This is a rare opportunity to explore what happens when we slow down and turn inward to our most intimate self and without to our lover and the Universe.

We will gain awareness of our breath, our emotions, and our desire in the present moment. This is a practice to heighten pleasure and intimacy, the magic to having an amazing sex life and a meaningful and fulfilling relationship, with yourself and with another.

You don’t want to miss it!

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Past Events

Pleasure & Intimacy Success

July 24 & 26, 2023

Register today to get answers to burning questions about pleasure and intimacy with like-minded others. This facilitated discussion is designed to create a safe space to explore what gets in the way and how to create and strengthen your pleasure and intimacy with your lover. Remember – everyone deserves to experience pleasure and intimacy, everyday.

Participants will leave this workshop:

-Understanding that deep pleasure and intimacy is accessible with their lover

-A bullet list of actionable items to place on your calendar to increase pleasure and intimacy with your lover

-A daily mind-body practice to help you make progress towards increasing your awareness of your breath, emotions, and desire in each moment

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