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  • Mind-Body-Spirit Wellness

    Mind-Body-Spirit Wellness combine mental focus, breathing, and body movements to help relax the body and mind in individual and couple psychotherapy. Some examples are:

    • Meditation: Focused breathing or repetition of words or phrases to quiet the mind.
    • Yoga: Systems of stretches and poses, with special attention given to breathing.
    • Imagery: Imagining scenes, pictures, or experiences to help the body heal.
    • Creative outlets: Interests such as art, music, or dance.

    As One Wellness invites you to discover the benefits of yogic philosophy and meditation interwoven in individual and couple therapy as a path for cultivating a healthy mind-body-spirit connection, awareness and well-being. Couples have reported decreased symptoms of anxiety and depression and increased confidence with addressing all that life brings their way. When the spiritual practice of meditation intersects with the practice of sexuality, couples report experiencing presence and pleasure with decreased stressful interactions. During telehealth sessions, couples smile, sit closer, and are connected, spiritually, emotionally, mentally, and physically. This is when I invite them to take a selfie. Breathe.