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  • How to Make Mind and Body Healthy During COVID-19

    Meditation and Therapy during and after Covid-19


    This video by Sadghuru is one of his many clips that reminds me how to be and act during and after Covid-19. Sadhguru suggests to establish yourself in yoga and then act. Have a sense of unity with the world around you, as one. This is yoga. 


    When you see other life, you reverberate in some way – in some way then, a little bit, you have a little taste of yoga. Yoga, which means union –  is happening.  Your boundaries of what you think of as yourself has been breached in some way.  You are a little bit yogi.  Then you act. 


    “We don’t know when it will be post Covid, if we will even be, post Covid.  We should be conscious and cautious with action.  We should do our best,” Sadhguru.


    Physically, mentally, emotionally, and energy wise and competence – let’s have a 10% improvement.  Change patterns of your thought and emotion – increase 10% of your balance.  Request a consultation for meditation and therapy at As One Wellness.